My internet connection is much faster than the recommended minimum speeds. Why is my video choppy or low quality on my computer?

NFL Game Pass features adaptive playback which dynamically adjusts the quality of the video stream you receive based on the speed of your connection. If your connection speed fluctuates (many factors can contribute to this such as network congestion during peak times and other devices sharing your connection) NFL Game Pass detects this and lowers the quality of the video stream to ensure you can continue viewing the content without interruption. You can override this feature and choose which bit rate NFL Game Pass delivers despite fluctuations with your connection through the following steps:

  •       Go to and login to your NFL Account
  •       Hover over the "Quality" setting indicator and uncheck "Best Available"
  •       Manually select a bit rate appropriate for your connection

NFL Game Pass will now stream at the bit rate you chose. If your connection can't handle the bit rate you selected, you may still experience choppiness in the video playback.

If your video playback is choppy with "Best Available" checked in the video quality settings, this may be an issue with your computer's performance. Please try the following:

  •  Make sure your computer or device’s operating system is up to date
  •  Make sure your video card drivers are current.
  •  Disable hardware acceleration as it can cause choppy video playback
  •  Increase virtual memory as it can improve video playback
  •  Check your anti-virus or firewall settings to make sure they allow traffic from and NFL Game Pass

If you're unsure of how to do any of these things, please consult a qualified computer technician.

* Users outside of the United States, Canada and China should check out our Game Pass INTL Guide
* Users in China should check out the Game Pass China Guide
* Canadian users should check out the DAZN Guide


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