What is the refund policy for NFL Game Pass?

You will be eligible for a refund if (i) you purchased a subscription to NFL Game Pass and you cancel within two (2) days of the purchase date, (ii) you subscribed to a Free Trial of NFL Game Pass and you cancel within two (2) days after the Free Trial ends [this is for only for users that purchase within the United States and its territories], (iii) your subscription is auto-renewed and you cancel within 7 days of the automatic renewal date, or (iv) your subscription is canceled by us.

For all the details regarding refunds, please review our NFL Game Pass Terms & Conditions.

please note that  the refund policy only applies to yearly subscriptions

* Users outside of the United States, Canada and China should check out our Game Pass INTL Guide
* Users in China should check out the Game Pass China Guide
* Canadian users should check out the DAZN Guide



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