What is the blackout policy for games on NFL Game Pass?

What is an “in market” blackout?
Preseason games airing locally within your market will not be available to watch live
within NFL Game Pass due to local blackout restrictions. For instance, if you live in
Kansas City you can't watch a Chief's game live because it would be "in market" for

What is a “national” blackout?
A national blackout applies to a broadcast game airing live on FOX, ESPN, NBC, or CBS.

Why can't I see my team's matchup in Live Preseason Games?
Games that are subject to local and national blackout restrictions will be blocked
from the Live Preseason Games page. You will be able to see them in the Game Replays
tab immediately after the game ends

Are there any restrictions on Live Audio?
No. Blackout restrictions do not apply to live game audio, so you are able to listen
to every game of the season where you can also choose between local or national radio

* Users outside of the United States, Canada and China should check out our Game Pass INTL Guide
* Users in China should check out the Game Pass China Guide
* Canadian users should check out the DAZN Guide


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