Problems Entering a Live Draft

Before your draft, confirm your time zone in Team Settings on the desktop site and draft time in League Settings on the desktop site or in the app. Note that drafts reset to "offline" if a league isn't filled or settings change within an hour of the draft.

Desktop Site Drafting

Select yellow ENTER NOW/ENTER DRAFT in the LEAGUE, DRAFT CENTER, or MY TEAM tab beginning 30 minutes prior to the draft.

If issues occur:

  • Run a draft test.
  • Clear browser history and restart browser, or try another browser.
  • Enable/activate and update browser JavaScript.
  • Open router ports 4880-4890 and port 80.
  • Power cycle modem and router.
  • Disable firewalls, ad/pop-up blockers in all security programs, browsers.
  • Contact the administrator for any public connection.

App Drafting

Hit the "Enter Draft" button that appears below your league name. If issues occur:

  • Close/reopen, sign out/in, delete/re-download app
  • Reboot phone
  • Connect to WiFi
  • Close all other apps and/or clear memory space.

If issues persist, feel free to reach out with troubleshoot results, device-type, browser, internet service provider, connection type, and whether you are on a public or private network.

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