Drafting in the App

Drafting is available on iOS, Android, and Microsoft Surface devices.

Prior to the draft, be sure to set your time zone in Team Settings (desktop site only), and confirm your draft time in League Settings (site/app). In the app, click the LEAGUE tab, then click the "League Rules" button to access settings.

Starting 30 minutes before your league's scheduled draft time, click on the TEAM tab in the app and then the "Draft" button to enter the draft. (Please note, drafts automatically reset to "offline" if a league isn't filled or if settings change within an hour of the draft.)

App drafting performance is largely dependent on device speed and strength of connection signal. If issues occur:

  • Close/reopen, Sign out/in, or Delete/download app.
  • Close all other apps, reboot phone, or connect to - or disconnect from - WiFi

App drafting is similar to drafting on desktop. Find players by scrolling through the list in the PLAYERS tab, filtering them, or using the search button. Add players to MY QUEUE by selecting the flag next to their name and view them in that tab. View roster moves in the DRAFT ACTIVITY tab and see your roster (and everyone else's) in the ROSTERS tab. The app also has a clock, the draft order, stats on each player, and extended analysis on each player, accessible by clicking on a player to retrieve their player card.

If after troubleshooting you are still experiencing issues, please feel free to reach out.

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