Pre-Rank + Auto-Pick

Setting Pre-Draft Rankings

Pre-Draft Rankings are a customizable list of players to draft for a team, set in order of the team manager's preference. This list may be used as a guide during a Live Draft, for the site if a team manager is absent for some or all of the draft, or for the site during an Auto-pick League draft.

To set pre-draft rankings, users must first select the "Pre-Draft Rankings" link under the MY TEAM tab using the site. There, users also have the ability to select a link to set preferred positions-by-round or select a link to edit overall rankings. Place any player you don't want on the "Excluded Player" list here, and distinguish position-per-round preferences using that respective button as well. There is no minimum or maximum of players to rank. Any player left unranked will default to the fantasy player rankings.

Please note: Pre-Draft Rankings need to be set separately for each league.

To access the full site on mobile, go to Select your league. Hit the three lines in the top left corner of the site. Hit the "full site" button on the bottom right.

Setting Up an Auto-Pick Team

All teams in any Auto-pick League are automatically set to auto-pick.

In all other types of leagues, any team whose team manager is absent at any time of the draft will automatically be set to "auto-pick" when time runs out on a pick in any round and they have not selected, and the site will then draft according to the team's pre-draft rankings or- if the manager has not set those rankings (this is fine, many do not)- the pre-draft rankings of

To clarify, users don't need to do anything to set their team to auto-pick though the option is available in the draft client, and all teams in a league get a full team at draft time, whether they are present for the draft or not.

Note that users with multiple teams must set pre-draft rankings separately for each team. If you have any questions or you did not find this article helpful, please submit your feedback through our site and our experts will assist you.




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