This page deals with turning off 1st & 10 and fantasy emails from NFL.com and turning alerts from NFL Mobile.


Turning off 1st & 10 emails from NFL.com:

  • Sign in to the site and select your 
  • username at the top of the site, then select
  • Edit Profile,  then scroll down and select
  • Edit Profile again. Deselect the 

Turning off fantasy alerts from the NFL Fantasy:

  • Sign in to fantasy.nfl.com and select
  • the correct league from the drop down, then select the
  • MY TEAM tab, then select
  • Edit Settings then select
  • Manage my team and league alerts. Deselect alerts, then 

or, in the fantasy app, go to a league, the tap:

  • More then
  • Team Settings then
  • Email Notifications or
  • Push Notifications and
  • Toggle alerts off.


For those who are getting unwanted alerts to the NFL Mobile App:

Turn off alerts by going into the app and selecting:

  • More then
  • Settings then
  • Alert Preferences then
  • Toggle alerts off. If you have favorite teams selected, they would appear below here. Select those
  • Teams and 
  • Toggle alerts off there.

Some Verizon Android devices come pre-loaded with the NFL Mobile app, and the app is not removable. To disable alerts in this case, disable the app:

  • Swipe down on the home screen or Select the gear wheel icon in the upper right hand corner or select Settings through the applications menu on the device then tap
  • Applications then
  • Applications Manager then
  • NFL Mobile then
  • Disable

You will receive a prompt saying that this may cause problems with other apps, but it will just set the app into a coma state. It won't completely remove the app but it will not notify you or use any data.

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