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NFL Digital Care does not offer phone or chat support currently. To contact us - if you are unable to find your information in this Care Center - Submit a request


What we do

NFL Digital Care maintains the new self service NFL Digital Care Guide for our users, and, for those who need a resolution outside of the guide, answers questions regarding NFL Digital Media properties such as NFL Fantasy, NFL Game Pass, the NFL Mobile App, and the website. We are unable to respond to all questions or comments relating to the National Football League. Many of our answers are personally selected from a prewritten list for you by our team members, who are at the ready to provide further assistance should you reply. When subsequently discussing issues with fans, the emails from our support team may come from a domain belonging to our support software partners. Our primary support team for the products above (not all NFL-related products) is located in Culver City, California, but we have Game Pass support partners in Florida and abroad.


How to find information

Please search this Center for information by either entering your concern in the search bar or going through our eight sections, Fantasy, Game Pass, NFL Mobile App,, Football Operations, and Tickets, and Merchandise.  

So, most of those are pretty self-explanatory. For and Football Operations, however:

  • We'll be developing a knowledge base for issues with accounts and how to report issues found with the site itself. This is a work in progress.
  • Football Operations: As mentioned above, we are not intended to respond to questions about the game or its administration. Feel free to discuss topics about the game on public forums at any time. That being said, we will continue to develop a knowledge base here with as much information and direction as possible regarding the game, game operations, rules, administration, events, etc as we can. This is a work in progress. 


Basic Troubleshoot

A vast majority of the messages about technical issues that come in to us are resolved by some type of reset, so please consider:

  • Clearing the history or cache of the browser
  • Restarting the browser
  • Restarting the Device
  • Restarting the modem or router
  • Clearing the history or cache of the app
  • Restarting the app
  • Deleting and downloading the app
  • Disabling then reenabling the app.



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