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Commissioners (and any league member with permission) can create a poll by selecting the blue "Create Poll" button on the bottom right of the LEAGUE desktop page. Once a poll has been created, another can be created by selecting "More Polls" and then selecting "Archive and create poll." When creating a poll, enter a question of 50 characters or less and 2-10 answers of 20 characters or less. Polls are reflected in the LEAGUE page. Team managers are allotted one vote per poll that cannot be changed after it has been submitted, and only one poll will be displayed on the league home at a time. Users access previous polls by selecting "More Polls". Each poll is archived when a new one is created and eventually saved in the the league's History page.

Select "Edit League Permissions" in the MANAGE tab to grant poll permissions.

League Story

Commissioners (and any league member with permission) can create a league story by selecting "Create Story" in the story module in the LEAGUE tab. Enter a subject of 250 characters or less, enter text of 5000 characters or less, upload/choose an image, then submit. The newest story is posted in the LEAGUE tab. Each story is archived when a new one is created and saved in the league's History page. Users can comment on stories as they are posted. T

(There is currently a known bug wherein using the backspace may send you to the beginning of the League Story text field. We apologize for the inconvenience, and we do not have an ETA on a fix.)

Select "Edit League Permissions" in the MANAGE tab to grant league story permissions.


NFL-Managed leagues do not carry over from year to year and do not have a history page. To go to a custom league's history page, select the "History" link in the LEAGUE tab on the desktop site. When this is done, the user lands on the "Almanac" page, a summary of the league's history.

The League Almanac provides you with a snapshot of each prior season including the following:

  • League Champion
  • Team Performance (Week)
  • Player Performance (Week)
  • Team Performance (Season)

Please note that our presentation is a little confusing on this page. It looks - next to Almanac - that the last season is already selected in a drop down. It is not yet selected, so you are not yet at the league's history pages. Please select the year you want from this drop down to enter the history of the league past the almanac.

Your League History, automatically archived and easily accessible year round, includes:

  • Schedule and Standings
  • Playoff Bracket
  • Discussions, Polls, Stories, Transactions and Draft Results
  • Team Pages with Weekly Lineups and Stats
  • Game Center with Weekly Matchups and Video Highlights
  • League Settings
  • Managers

Import League History

Commissioners can manually input the following categories of their prior league history by selecting "Customize League History" in the MANAGE tab:

  • Standings: Division, Team Name, Win-Loss-Ties, Points For and Points Against
  • Schedule: Weekly matchups from past seasons
  • Playoff Bracket: How playoffs panned out, how the season came to a close
  • League Champion
  • Highest Team Points Accumulated (Week)
  • Highest Player Points Accumulated (Week)
  • Highest Teams Points Accumulated (Season)

Trophy Room

Commissioners can showcase team manager accomplishments in the sortable Trophy Room, accessed through "Trophies" in the LEAGUE tab. There are a number of weekly and by-season trophies already active in any league. To manage or create trophies, Commissioners may select "Edit League Trophies" in the MANAGE tab or "CREATE MORE TROPHIES" in the Trophy Room, respectively.

Note: though you may turn off trophies at any time, you may not delete a trophy once it has been awarded to a team.

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