Fantasy Strategy

Scouting Players

Users may search for players in the following ways:

  • Using the player search bar to the top right of most desktop pages in Fantasy
  • Using the player search bar, filters, tabs, and scrolling list in the PLAYERS tab of the desktop site
  • Using the player search bar, filters and scrolling list in the NFL Fantasy Football app by pressing the "Add Players" button of the TEAM section
  • Scanning team rosters in your league

Other Helpful Pages:

  1. Player Cards, the windows that appear when a player's name is selected, feature statistics, news, video highlights, analysis, and action buttons.
  2. The "Player News" page in the PLAYERS tab on desktop contains news, analysis, and video filterable by position, team, or rostered status. The Player News Module on the league homepage is filterable by your team or entire league.
  3. The "Scoring Leaders" page - located within the PLAYERS tab - has filter, search, sort, trade, and add functionality.
  4. The "Fantasy Points Against" (FPA) page is located in the RESEARCH tab. FPA is how a team defense performs against certain positions on a weekly basis, or, more specifically, how the average performance of players at a certain position against a team defense rank against how the average performance of players at the same position play against other team's defenses. A team who allows success is ranked highly; a team who stifles has a low ranking.
  5. Team managers keep tabs of desired players using the sortable "Watch List" page, accessible from the MY TEAM tab. Add a player to the Watch List from any player card, player's page, or another team's page by selecting the flag icon. Remove a player from your Watch List by selecting the icon again. This page is also available in the app via the same "Add Players" button by sorting by Watch List.

Other Helpful Links:

The Draft Kit

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