Editing Your Team Settings

Team Settings

By selecting the Edit Settings link near the top of the MY TEAM tab in a desktop browser, managers are able to customize the following settings for their Team:

  • Team name
  • Time zone
  • Co-managers
  • Team logo
  • Display/Game Center settings

You can also enter mailing information to be eligible for NFL prizes.

Please select SUBMIT at the bottom of the page when done on browser.

In the fantasy app, the following settings are editable:

  • Team name
  • Display name

If you change your display name, it will change your display name across NFL Fantasy.

To edit in the app, select the league you want to edit in and then navigate to the TEAM tab. Click the pencil icon next to your current team name to edit the settings above. 

Please note, at this time, NFL.com usernames are not editable. 


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