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League Types

NFL-Managed Leagues are leagues created and auto-run by NFL.com with standard/default settings for scoring, rosters, transactions, seeding, and schedule (as shown in the table below). Our fantasy players like these leagues for their simplicity, because the majority of fantasy football strategy content is geared towards leagues with default settings, and because no team manager has any power over the other.

Custom Leagues are leagues created and run by an NFL.com user with customizable scoring, roster, transaction, seeding, division, and schedule settings (as shown in the table below). Some users find these leagues more exciting, as they have more freedom to enjoy scoring and settings other than those which are found in our NFL-Managed Leagues. IDP (individual defensive player) are one example of a setting that is exclusive to custom leagues. 

Autopick Leagues are drafted automatically according to site or personal rankings. This option has its own button in the League Directory.

Winners Leagues are accessible only to those users that have previously won a Fantasy League at NFL.com. This option has its own button in the League Directory.

League Settings

  Default Setting Custom League Options
Teams 10 4-20; even numbers only
Divisions None None; 2-4
League Viewable By Public No No; Yes
Undroppable List NFL.com Fantasy Default List None;
NFL.com Fantasy Default List
Rostering Max (season) No Maximum No Maximum; None Allowed; No 1-100
Rostering Max (week) No Maximum No Maximum; None Allowed; 1-25
Max Trades per Season No Maximum No Maximum; None Allowed; 1-50
Trade Deadline No Deadline No Deadline; Several Options
Trade Review Type League Votes (by team managers) None; Commissioner Veto;
League Votes
Waiver Period 1 Day No Waivers; 1-4 Days
Waiver Type Resets to Inverse Standings Order (weekly) Reset to Inverse Standings Order; Move to Last After Claim, Never Reset; Waiver Budget 
Free Agent Lock Type Yes (at Game Time) None; Yes (at Game Time)
Post-Draft Players Follow Waiver Rules Follow Waiver Rules; Free Agents
Roster Lock Type At Individual Game Time At Individual Game Time;
First Game of the Week
2019 Keeper Settings None None; 1-40 Players
2019 Keeper Lock Date League Draft Date [only applies if Keepers are turned on] League Draft Date;
Any Other Date Prior
Rosters 9 starters
WR; W/R Flex
and 6 bench
Up to 40 players
positional limits
WR/RB Flex; WR/TE Flex;
QB/WR/RB/TE Flex; RB/WR/TE Flex;
K; DEF; DL; LB; DB; Flex IDP; Bench; Reserved Slot
Positional Limits None None; Custom


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