League Settings

To edit your League Settings on the desktop site, use the MANAGE tab.

Please note: the app does not have the capabilities to fully customize all league settings.

Custom League Settings

The following are the customizable League Settings in NFL.com Fantasy Football custom leagues. Create a custom league during our registration window to set up your fantasy league to your exact specifications.

League Information:

  • League Name: maximum of 20 characters, no special characters
  • League Password: maximum of 20 characters, no special characters
  • Custom League URL: maximum of 20 characters, letters and numbers only


4-20, even numbers only

Divisions None, 2-4 None
League Viewable By Public Yes, No No
Undroppable List None, or NFL.com Fantasy Default List NFL.com Fantasy Default List
Max Adds per Season None, 1-100 None
Max Adds per Week None, 1-25 None

Trade Review Type

None, Commissioner Veto, League Votes League Votes

Trade Reject Time

1-4 days 2 Days

Trade Deadline

No deadline, November 8, 15, or 22 No deadline
Waiver Period No Waivers, 1-4 Days 1 Day
Waiver Type

Moves to Last After Claim, Never Reset


Resets to Inverse Standings Order


Free Agent Budget

Resets to Inverse Standings Order
Free Agent Lock Type None, Yes (Player Locks at Game Time) Yes (Player Locks At Game Time)
Post-Draft Players Free Agents, Follow Waiver Rules Follow Waiver Rules
Roster Lock Type Game Time, First Game Game Time
2019 Keeper Settings None, 1-15 Players None
2019 Keeper Lock Date League Draft Date, Other Date League Draft Date
Standings Tiebreaker

Points For, Head to Head Record, Division Record, Points Against

Points For
Allow Matchup Ties

Yes, No

Starting Positions and Roster Size

Up to 40 players
Positions Limits
(QB, RB, WR, TE, K, DEF, DL, LB, DB, W/R, W/T, Q/R/W/T, R/W/T, DP, Bench, Reserves)

9 starters (QB, RB, RB, WR, WR,
W/R Flex, TE, K, DEF) and 6 bench

Positional Limits None, Customizable None

Players can choose one of three draft types in the Draft Management section of MANAGE:

1. Live Draft: The default setting, leagues participate in a live online draft that may last a few hours.

2. Autopick: The draft will be based on NFL.com's default ranking's or a commissioner's pre-rankings of players. 

3. Offline: The league conducts its own offline draft. Results are entered by the Commissioner via the Submit Offline Draft Results tool in the Draft Management section of MANAGE.

And one of two draft formats:

1. Standard: The default setting, leagues select players for their team.

2. Salary Cap: Each team in a league nominates a player to be signed by the remaining teams in the league.


Commissioners can include Individual Defensive Players (IDP's) in their roster by first selecting the Edit Roster Positions link in the MANAGE tab. Commisioners can then change the roster to include players like defensive linemen (DL), linebackers (LB), defensive backs (DB), and FLEX spots (DP) to be included in the drafting, trading, and live scoring.

IDP Scoring

Tackle 1 point
Assisted Tackle 0.5 points
Sack (half sacks are scored) 2 points
Defense Interception 2 points
Forced Fumble 2 points
Fumbles Recovery 2 points
Touchdown (Interception Return) 6 points
Touchdown (Fumble Return) 6 points
Touchdown (Blocked Kick) 6 points
Safety 2 points
Def 2-Point Return 2 points
Blocked Kick (punt, FG, PAT) 2 points
Pass Defended 1 point

Commissioners can change the scoring for this or any other category by going to the "Edit Scoring Settings" page under the League Management tab.

They can also trigger the following Additional Scoring Categories:

  • Interception Return Yards
  • Fumble Return Yards
  • Tackle For Loss Bonus
  • QB Hit
  • Sack Yards
  • 10+ Tackle Bonus
  • 2+ Sack Bonus
  • 3+ Passes Defended Bonus
  • 50+ Yard INT Return TD Bonus
  • 50+ Yard Fumble Return TD Bonus

    Customizing the Schedule

    Customize the unplayed weekly matchup schedule (up until a week kicks off) by first selecting "Customize League Schedule" in the MANAGE tab on the desktop site.

    After selecting "Edit Week Matchup", select a grey box in the "Move" column, then select a blue up and down arrows circle destination icon. The box turning a darker grey indicates teams already moved. Select "Submit" to save.

    For random scheduling, select the Schedule Randomizer pre-draft.

    Custom League Regular Seasons can end in Week 13, 14 or 15.

    Note: those who make the actual NFL schedule have a tough time doing so, so don't be surprised if it's hard to meet a predetermined set of rules (i.e. everyone in division plays each other twice, out of division once, that kind of thing); it may mathematically not be worth your time to try to make something complicated work.


    A keeper is a player that is selected by a fantasy team manager before a predetermined deadline to remain on a fantasy team from one football season to the next. Leagues can allow up to as many keepers per team as there are roster spots. For the subsequent drafts, draft picks are awarded to teams in lieu of teams that decide not to keep the maximum amount of keepers. By default, keepers or picks-in-lieu-of-keepers are allotted in the initial round(s) of a league's draft, though this is fully customizable in the Custom Draft Board.


    If your keeper league expands, the Commissioner can designate keepers or choose to award extra draft picks for new team(s).

    Commissioners manage keepers and keeper settings with the following links in the MANAGE tab:

    • Edit League Settings: number of keepers and keeper lock date
    • Edit League Keepers: Edit keepers for teams
    • Edit Note: After selecting Edit League Keepers, select Edit Note to include keeper instructions for teams

    Team managers select keepers by selecting "Select My Keepers" before the draft in the MY TEAM tab.

    Dynasty Leagues

    Dynasty Leagues, long-term large-roster keeper leagues in which most or all of the rosters are retained from year to year, can be created the same way as any Custom League, and may contain up to 40 players and keepers per team.

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