The Fantasy Football season contains a regular season and playoffs.


The default schedule setting for the regular season is 14 weeks. Custom League regular seasons may last 13-15 weeks. Default playoffs are one week per matchup and occur with four teams, but playoffs can be customized to have two weeks per matchup for playoffs and occur with more than four teams. 

Playoff Scheduling

The following charts depict how playoff seeding works for each number of teams in the playoffs. 

4 Team Playoffs 


6 Team Playoffs


8 Team Playoffs


10 Team Playoffs


12 Team Playoffs

 6_team_playoffs__3_.jpgConsolation Bracket

The default seeding for the playoffs includes a consolation bracket seeded as follows:

  • #5 Seed vs. #8 Seed
  • #6 Seed vs. #7 Seed

Consolation brackets are customizable in Custom Leagues.

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