League Communication

Email and the Discussion Board

Team managers may communicate with one another through the site using the "Email Leaguelink in the LEAGUE homepage to email some or all managers in the league, or by posting to the Discussion Board in the "Discussions" tab of LEAGUE. In the app, use the FEED tab to post discussions and view other messages in the feed. Team managers may also leave notes in trade offers, trade replies, or under their team in the trading block. If you reply in your email account to an email sent from the league, the recipient will see your personal email address.

Activity Feed

The Activity Feed on the LEAGUE homepage contains all league discussion posts, transaction notifications, and (Custom League) Commissioner changes. The buttons above the feed allow you to filter and view each of these categories individually in the feed. As stated, this appears in the app as well.

Alerts and Notifications

Select "Alerts" in the MY TEAM tab to edit how the site pushes the following league information to you via email or DirecTV Sunday Ticket:

  • Weekly Recap
  • My Team
    • Trade Notification
    • Waiver Claim
    • New Video Highlights
  • Set Lineup Reminder
  • Trade Deadline Reminder
  • League Activity
    • Trade Notification
    • Wavier Add/Drop
    • Start/Bench
    • Discussion
    • League Change
  • Game Day
    • Injured Player
    • Inactive Player
    • Start/Sit Player
    • Scoring
      • Offensive TD
      • Field Goal
      • Box Score Update

The "My Notifications" section of the LEAGUE page consolidates relevant activity and response links regarding trading, waiver claims, lineup notifications, relevant video, and, for Custom League Commissioners, prompts for certain required tasks.



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