NFL RedZone

How do I order NFL RedZone for mobile?

In the NFL app, please select the MORE button on the bottom of the app.

Select the silhouette on the top right of the app.

Select RedZone under subscription. This will give you the option to purchase a RedZone subscription .

For Access on Sundays:

In the app, go to SCORES. RedZone should be shown in the video box at the top. ( RedZone is only available on Sundays). Select that square to start the purchase flow, and to view the stream.


The basics:

  • On Phones:
    • NFL RedZone satellite or cable subscribers: sign in in the settings section using satellite/cable TV credentials. DirecTV or Sunday Ticket subscribers must go to DirecTV or Sunday Ticket apps and sites to view RedZone. We apologize for this inconvenience.
    • Season Ticket Members have access through their membership and just need to sign in to the Season Ticket Members section in Settings.
  • On Tablets:
    • NFL RedZone subscribers just need to sign in using their satellite/cable TV credentials. DirecTV or Sunday Ticket subscribers must go to DirecTV or Sunday Ticket apps and sites to view RedZone. We apologize for this inconvenience.
    • Note: NFL RedZone cannot be accessed on a tablet using an app store subscription.
  • NFL RedZone is accessible during the game slates that begin at 1 pm ET and 4 pm ET. Subscription preferences for mobile devices can be managed through Google Play or the App Store. Please find instructions for managing, modifying or changing subscription preferences below.


The details:

If you desire to view RedZone through a Connected TV Device, you must sign in with cable provider credentials unless you are a DirecTV/Sunday Ticket subscriber, in which case please go to DirecTV/Sunday Ticket apps or sites. You can also sign into the NFL app with cable credentials if you already have that as part of your regular cable package. Just follow the simple prompts for cable RedZone access on your smartphone.

Season Ticket Members have access to RedZone in the app (smartphones only) by using their registered Ticketmaster credentials in that section of the mobile app.


 More Info about RedZone on mobile devices:

  • Fans don't need Verizon to purchase
  • There are no $1.99 plans this year
  • Try the little white link Restore In App purchases below the blue buttons on the red up-sell screen if you are having issues after purchasing.
  • For account questions, provide us with the gmail or GPA number for Google Play purchases, but go to Apple for iOS purchases
  • No casting from the smartphone
  • RedZone is only available for the two main slates on Sunday, not on Thursday Night, Sunday Night, or Monday Night.
  • Season Ticket Holders, select:
    • More, then the
    • Gear Wheel, then scroll to
    • Connected Accounts, then
    • Season Ticket Holder, next to that is
    • Connect, then
    • Select your team, then
    • Follow all prompts, and put in absolutely correct credentials.
    • Season Ticket Holders only get access to RedZone through the NFL app on smart phones.
    • Season Ticket Holders who can't see the ability to accept terms and conditions: make your phone text small, accept and move on, set your text size back.
    • Season Ticket Holders still having issues: sign out of every other subscription or set of login credentials in the app and try again, please.


If it's not working, try a reset. Please make sure that you are also not signed into the app with Cable Credentials while trying to view RedZone if you have made the separate purchase.

If you are a Verizon Up user please click here 



  • Make sure the most current version of the app for phone and tablet are updated.
  • Sign in with the correct account. Try all accounts. Confirm purchase with receipt or bank account.
  • Sign out/sign in, hard close/reopen, or delete/re-download the app. Power device off/on. For Android and Verizon users: clear the app cache/data in the Applications Manager, and/or uninstall updates and update the app again.
  • Disable/remove ad-blocking software/extensions/apps.
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