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Filling a League

Commissioners can invite players to join their custom leagues using either the desktop website or the NFL Fantasy mobile app.

Desktop Website

There are three ways to have teams join a league via the desktop website.

  1. Email - use 'Invite Friends' in the MANAGE tab.
  2. League ID and Password - Share the ID and passwords from League Settings for your teams to use at
  3. League Directory - Publish to the League Directory using 'Edit Publish League' in the MANAGE tab.

If an invitation email does not immediately appear from, and the email address is confirmed, check spam/junk folders, safe/blocked lists, or other tabs/sections (Gmail's 'Promotions') for Contact network admins or email providers about email filtering, as well.

Error messages most often occur during joining because two users are using the same device to invite and accept, and the user doing the inviting has not signed out.


NFL Fantasy App

After creating your league, click the blue "Invite Friends" button underneath your league and team name. There, you will be prompted to invite friends by email, SMS text message, or other apps that allow messaging.

Please note: If your league is not "full" - meaning it does not have a separate, registered account having accepted an invitation to every team slot available as set in league settings - it will not draft. 


Managing Membership Moving Forward

Commissioner may add, remove, or replace teams, team managers, and team co-managers using the appropriate links (listed below) in the MANAGE tab on the desktop siteLeagues are required to have an even number of teams between 4 and 20.

  • Invite Friends (Pre-Draft Only)
  • Add Teams (Pre-Draft Only)
  • Remove Teams (Pre-Draft Only)
  • Edit Team Managers
  • Invite Team Co-Managers
  • Remove Team Co-Managers

If someone can't remember how to access their account, they may want to create a new account. Commissioners can then use the Edit Team Managers tool to remove their old account while adding their new account at the same time.




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