Our Most Common Solution

The majority of intermittent technical issues experienced while using our digital products are solved by resetting apps, browsers, and/or devices.

This article includes instructions on how to:

Reset an App
Reset with a Browser
Reset with Chrome
Reset with Safari
Reset with Firefox
Reset with Microsoft Edge
Reset with Internet Explorer


Reset an App

If you are experiencing problems with any of our mobile applications, first:

  • Close/reopen
  • Sign out/in
  • Delete/download the app, and/or
  • Re-start the device.

For pre-loaded apps (NFL Mobile app on Verizon Android devices), in Settings:

  • Uninstall/reinstall app updates.
  • Clear app cache/data on Android.
  • Make sure location settings are on.

Mobile Operating System Support pages:



If you are experiencing problems while using a desktop web browser, please:

  • Clear browser cache and cookies (instructions for different browsers below)
  • Completely close and reopen the browser
  • Navigate back to the page without using old links or bookmarks



To clear data in CHROME, select the:

  • Three dots to the top right, then
  • Hover over History, then select
  • History, then select the
  • Clear browsing data button, and be sure to check
  • Cookies and other site and plugin data, and Cached images and files, then select
  • Clear browsing data.
  • Also, please try disabling extensions by pressing the three dots to the top right. Then select More tools, then Extensions. After that, uncheck all extensions and try again.
  • Completely close and reopen the browser



To clear data in SAFARI, select:

  • Safari at the top of the screen, then
  • Preferences, then
  • Privacy, then the
  • Remove stored cookies and data button, then
  • ** Remove now**
  • Completely close and reopen the browser

You may also need to turn content blockes off in SAFARI. To do so:

  • Preferences, then
  • Websites
  • Content Blockers
  • Turn to OFF for fantasy.nfl.com



To clear data in FIREFOX, select the:

  • Menu button, three horizontal lines to the top right of the browser, then
  • History icon, a clock in the middle, then
  • Clear Recent History... then select, in the
  • Time range to clear: dropdown,
  • Everything. Then select
  • Cookies and *Cache. No need to select the rest. Then select the
  • Clear Now button.
  • Completely close and reopen the browser



To clear data in MICROSOFT EDGE, select:

  • More, then
  • Settings, then under
  • Clear browsing data, select 
  • Choose what to clear. Select the
  • Check box next to each data type you’d like to clear, and then select 
  • Clear.
  • Completely close and reopen the browser

If you’d like, turn the Always clear this when I close the browser setting to On.


Internet Explorer 11

To clear data in INTERNET EXPLORER 11 (for other Internet Explorer versions, see this article) select the:

  • Tools drop down menu, then
  • Delete browsing history. Then
  • DESELECT Preserve Favorites website data,then select
  • Temporary Internet files and website files, Cookies and website data, then select
  • Delete at the bottom of the window 
  • Completely close and reopen the browser
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