Setting Your Lineup

How and When to Set Your Lineup

Setting your roster - or deciding which players' scores will count and which will not for a weekly match-up - takes place in the MY TEAM tab of the desktop or TEAM tab of the app. A player whose score will count is called a "starter" or is referred to as "in the starting lineup". To place the player in the starting lineup is to "start" him. A player whose score will not count is referred to as "on the bench" or "sat". To place the player there is to "sit" the player.

Select the gray box to the left of the player bar on desktop or the blue square in the app, then the up and down arrows icon (desktop) or one of the other blue square (app) that appear, to change the player's position in the roster. Team managers may also "drag and drop" the player using the same grey box on desktop. Select the blue SUBMIT button to save all moves on desktop; the app now saves automatically. Team managers are allowed to do this as many times as they want until the team or players lock at game time.

You can only start as many players as your league settings allow and only in the positions in which each player is designated. That being said, any player can score fantasy points for any activity listed in the League settings at NFL Fantasy. 

Lineup Lock Times

Roster spots lock (players become unable to be moved, added, dropped, or traded) for the weekend in one of the following three ways:

  1. Each player/spot locks at about the individual player's listed kickoff time (default setting)
  2. All players/spots lock at about the first game's listed kickoff time (custom league option)
  3. Players/spots do not lock for games

Any player available as a Free Agent within the league will switch over to Waivers at the times above. If No Waivers is chosen as a Custom League option, Free Agent Lock Type must then be determined. The options are Yes (player locks at game time) or None.

Positions Player Designations

* denotes a custom league option


  • Quarterback (QB)
  • Running Back (RB)
  • Wide Receiver (WR)
  • Tight End (TE)
  • FLEX (W/R)
  • FLEX (W/T) *
  • FLEX (R/W/T) *
  • FLEX (Q/R/W/T) *

Defense and Special Teams:

  • Kicker (K)
  • Team Defense and Special Teams (DEF)

Individual Defensive Players *:

  • Defensive Lineman (DL)*
  • Linebackers (LB)*
  • Defensive Backs (DB)*
  • FLEX IDP (DP)*

The FLEX position

Most leagues feature a "flex" slot in the starting lineup. This slot holds players of varying positions, allowing managers to start an additional position player on the roster. The most common and default type of FLEX designation holds either Wide Receivers or Running Backs.

COMMISSIONERS: Please note, roster positions may only be added, not removed, after the draft. This promotes fairness and site functionality, as position limits affect draft strategy and removing positions after rosters are filled could invalidate rosters.


Players who are injured will have an Injury designation near their name across the site. The lnjury Report in the Player tab shows official injury reports sortable by team, team roster status, and week. Final injury designations (listed below) are made on game days.

  • Inactive (IA) - Players are officially inactive for the current game and will not play
  • Out (O) - Not scheduled to play
  • Doubtful (D) - Players have approximately a 25% chance of playing
  • Questionable (Q) - Players have approximately a 50% chance of playing

The Reserve Slot in Custom Leagues

The RESERVE slot is a Custom League roster position option that allows an injured or suspended player to be kept on a team but not count as a bench spot or against position limits. Players are eligible for the Reserved slot if they are officially labeled by their NFL team as:

  • IR: Injured Reserve
  • NON: Non Football Related Injured Reserve
  • SUS: Suspended
  • PUP: Physically Unable to Perform
  • EXE: Exempt

In order for a reserved player to be moved back to the roster, the roster must have a space for him and still be within league-specified roster limits. A reactivated player remaining in the Reserve Slot will prevent his team manager from completing transactions such as adding players or completing trades, but will not prevent his team from earning fantasy points.

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